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Content Marketing Never Stops

Norbert J. Hobrath

In my last blog, I introduced you to Content Marketing, about the storytelling of your products and services to build and nurture personal relationships with your customers. Now you can guess what I want to say…. you should never stop your Content Marketing efforts. Almost everyday or every week at the least, communicate with your customers and prospects.

OK, let me take this to a personal level. Every day you brush your teeth, soap up, shampoo, get dressed in something new, and prepare yourself to face the world. Why? Because looking good and being ready for what comes never ends. And the next day, you get to do this all over again

So think of your business or organization in the same way. Are you getting ‘ready’ every day to tell your story? Are you presenting yourself in the best possible position?

This sounds simple enough, yet many companies don’t heed this counsel. Weeks, months, and maybe even years pass before they make any meaningful changes to their content. How would you feel listening to the same story every day? Talk about the blahs!

So spice up your conversation by showing some successes. How is your company working with customers to solve their problems? What hurdles did you overcome? Can you show this with some case studies? With editorial articles in trade journals that document results achieved?

What innovative ideas, products and services do you offer? How are you presenting these? Have you locked in on the benefits these can bring to customers

That’s why in my last blog, I recommend to “Put out Fresh Content, Regularly.

If you have a hard time coming up with original new content, tap into your network of content originators from across from your company. Another source is your outside support team (agencies and writers), for ideas, new products, new markets, and other ideas. Determine how this information gets filtered down and provided to your key Content Marketing contact.

As you can see, there are many considerations on how to get your Content Marketing going. In a future blog, I am going to present some audit questions from my own ‘Content Marketing Maximizer©’ program, that I use when I meet with new customers to guide the process of developing and/or expanding an effective and strategic Content Marketing program for them.

If you want to talk about your company’s Content Marketing needs, I’d like to really talk with you. Contact me and we’ll schedule time to talk on the best way to organize this to bring you positive results.

Norbert Hobrath believes in the power of content marketing, both in words and images, and the powerful combination of these two. For more than 30 years, he has developed interesting, informative and influential strategy and content for both industrial and service-based B2B clientele. He has also directed marketing and communications programs as Director of Marketing Communications for a worldwide manufacturing company, and as Communications Manager for the Fortune 500 American Greetings Corporation, and for a BASF chemicals company. He enjoys promoting corporate and product brands through effective storytelling. He is President & Chief Content Officer of Hobrath Group, LLC in Cleveland, Ohio. www.hobrath.com

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Norbert J. Hobrath
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