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Informative Content Makes Email Marketing Work

Norbert J. Hobrath

In the financial sector, you often hear the phrase, “Cash is King.” Well in the marketing arena, I tell clients “Content is King.” This blog will focus on “what” you can put in your email marketing to make it sing.

There is always something to promote
Email Marketing

When I talk about email marketing with clients, this question usually comes up as we plan a program... “Sure, after we do an issue or two, is there anything new to talk about?” Yes, there is a long list. Now as we go through some options below, some of these may be pertinent to your business, others may not. Just consider the possibilities.

TECHNICAL NEWS – What makes your products or services unique? Can we provide some special technical application information or educational articles to help customers better understand the products?

INDUSTRY NEWS – What affects your customers eventually impacts you too. If you are on top of the pertinent news, share it with your customers.

INDUSTRY VIEWPOINT – To further the above point, you may want to prepare an editorial from a leader at your company. This in-house expert can share his/her thoughts on a major change in your industry or perhaps new regulations or legislation.
New Products

PRODUCTS/SERVICES/CAPABILITIES – Probably one of the most important uses for email marketing is to promote products, services, and capabilities. New ones. Improved ones. And even existing tried-and-true ones that are in your portfolio but have not been promoted recently (I’d call this a reintroduction.) Focus on the key benefits of these products and assist in providing relevant, clear photos when possible for a winning combination.

UPCOMING EVENT, WEBINAR OR TRADE SHOW – Will your company be exhibiting at an industry trade show or hosting a special event? What will you be showcasing there? What do you want your customers to do? Can you entice them to your trade exhibit? Perhaps you had recent successful event. Post pictures in your enewsletter with a wrap-up. Are you introducing a new webinar? Promote it in the enewsletter!

CASE STUDIES – One of the sure ways to generate interest from customers/prospects is to show what you have done for others. Get to the point on these. What was the problem/need? What did you offer, how did it work out, what savings were achieved, etc. Use photos and/or diagrams to help illustrate the points.

CUSTOMER RESOUCES – What do you have that will help your customers? Product literature, a dynamic sales team or knowledgeable distributors, etc? Take an issue or two of your enewsletter to inform people of these helpful resources.

SPECIAL OFFERS/PROMOTIONS – In some industries (especially retail), special offers are a must to continue to generate interest. But also for industrial and service companies, you can offer a “special of the month.” Or a “Featured Item” or similar promotion? You get the idea. Continue to put these out on a regular basis and customers will start to look for them.

WEBSITE – Walk your customers and prospects through the benefits of visiting your website on a regular basis. Show some snapshots of web pages, and explain how this information is easily accessible and available to help them. You need to promote your website often.

GENERAL COMPANY NEWS – When you have a significant story to tell, tell it! A major company anniversary (10, 25, 50 or others), a change in key management, a new territory opening, a new facility opening, etc. Or you can also always focus on highlighting a department or person within your company and recognize their achievements. This is a win-win for all parties.

COMPANY HISTORY – Most business people are always looking forward to introducing the next big sales or related development. Sometimes looking back at your history, and presenting this to your customers makes a lot of sense. How did your company become the leader in the industry? It didn’t happen overnight. This type of article may take several issues to cover, but it can lay the groundwork for a solid impression.

LOCATIONS – If you have multiple locations (or departments at just one location), present these to customers and explain how these help the customer and what is done there.

ADVERTISING & PUBLIC RELATIONS - Are you introducing a new advertising program? Showcase the new ads. Explain what they mean. Or perhaps you have had a trade article published in an industry journal. Share it with your readers who might not have seen it. 

MANUFACTURING – Does your company have some unique manufacturing ability or recognized achievements it should convey to the market? Perhaps some quality or safety award/status has been achieved? Tell your customers.

COMPANY INNOVATIONS – What makes your company and its products different? Better? Even unique? When you find these differentiating factors, hit them hard in an issue or two or three of your enewsletter. These could be the key reasons that customers buy from your company. 
Video Example

NEW VIDEOS/PRESENTATIONS – One of the most exciting aspects of marketing today has been the breakout of videos and interactive presentations to help tell your story. A good video says it all. Look at the explosion of videos on YouTube. I mean industrial videos, not just consumer ones. If you have these, showcase them.

With this basic list, I am only scratching the surface of what can be promoted in your enewsletter/ebulletins. Remember, “Content is King.” Email me to schedule a visit to talk more about how our company can help you get your email marketing efforts off the ground. We will work with you to select several topics and then roll them out to your e-database list. That is what we do. You will like the results.

Norbert Hobrath believes in the power of content marketing, both in words and images, and the powerful combination of these two. For more than 30 years, he has developed interesting, informative and influential strategy and content for both industrial and service-based B2B clientele. He has also directed marketing and communications programs as Director of Marketing Communications for a worldwide manufacturing company, and as Communications Manager for the Fortune 500 American Greetings Corporation, and for a BASF chemicals company. He enjoys promoting corporate and product brands through effective storytelling. He is President & Chief Content Officer of Hobrath Group, LLC in Cleveland, Ohio. www.hobrath.com

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