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This is a letter of recommendation for Hobrath Group LLC. I’d like to thank them for their outstanding work and great working relationship with our company. We have had the distinct pleasure of working with Norbert Hobrath for several years. He has opened up our eyes to the changing marketing world starting with the development of our eNewsletter. Most recently Norbert and his team designed and implemented our new website. We absolutely love our new website and hear compliments frequently from clients and consultants. Norbert and his team is very attentive of our needs and offers valuable insight on market trends. Most importantly, he goes out of his way to make sure we are happy. I always feel I’m Norbert’s only client. They are a pleasure to work with and that is why I am strongly recommending Hobrath Group LLC.

John P. Rach, Director of Marketing


Epilogos Charities, Inc.

I have been working with Norbert Hobrath of Hobrath Group for several years now coordinating projects for Epilogos Charities, Inc., for our work in El Salvador. When Norbert offered to provide assistance to our NGO we had many needs. We were in the process of a transition of leadership, we were launching a fundraising campaign, our client list was not up to date and we did not have a good online presence. Norbert produced postcards to be used as a first mailing so that we could create an accurate database of our clients, and with his significant assistance we now have an up to date list of our supporters. Another very important first step was getting our website updated. It had inaccurate information and had not been maintained in years. Norbert revamped the entire website – he added new text and pictures, and in coordination with our Epilogos team all of the information was reviewed and updated. Our Epilogos Charities, Inc website is now up to date and it provides an important online presence for our group. As a way to keep our supporters interested in what is happening with Epilogos Norbert recommended creating an e-newsletter. We collaborate on creating a theme for each newsletter, then gather the information and Norbert writes a very professional and informative newsletter that goes to our supporters 3-4 times a year. This has been a very successful way to keep people up to date on the happenings in San Jose Villanueva, El Salvador. Additionally, Norbert has been very supportive and helpful to our less than “tech savvy” Board members! He is very patient and kind in trying to address a myriad of needs from many different people.

Brooke Finnell


IPD, Inc.

IPD began working with Hobrath Group LLC in 1990 when our marketing efforts moved to Cleveland OH from our home office in California. At that time our marketing efforts consisted of a basic web page, a few outdated brochures and some magazine advertisements and the odd trade show. Our printed materials, advertising, packaging, trade show presence, cataloging, web page, logo, colors, look and feel varied widely at that time. Our company was going through major transitions in direction, product line and the types of customers we sought, all adding to confusion within and outside of our company. Over the next few years Norbert and his staff helped guide us into a consistent looking, well-rounded, economical but effective campaign highlighting our strengths and building our IPD brand in a difficult and crowded market. It was important to us to have a consistent message as well as appeal to a very wide range of customer types from one person operations run by mechanics to multi-national conglomerates.

All the while we competed with a range of competitors from small companies working on low margins to giants such as large heavy equipment manufactures with extremely strong, household known brand names. Hobrath recognized that although IPD had been in business since 1955, we were not well known outside of our current customers and also were not a flashy high-tech company. Norbert’s team helped us develop a complete new “look” that fit our personality as a company. Together we created newsletters and a web site from scratch including multi-language translations that were not common in our industry at that time. Our print ads and trade show booth took on the same graphic design as well as our packaging over time. We moved all our marketing printing jobs to Hobrath as well and greatly improved the feel and quality of our products at reasonable prices. As I was in charge of global sales, marketing, customer service and distribution around the planet, timely correspondence and responsiveness was extremely important to me. Norbert and his team were within a quick email or phone call and always responded immediately.

After a short while of working together Norbert’s team became very adept at reading my mind and putting up with my “latest/greatest” epiphany’s and changes of direction which was no easy task and did so with patience and reasonable costs. For a small company such as IPD that was going through many changes in direction, all the while competing with giants in difficult and competitive markets, we found Hobrath Group a valuable partner and considered them as such. Over time in aprox 2011 IPD decided to split off our Marketing team again and move that function back to Los Angeles and ultimately many functions including marketing were combined with our larger parent company Storm Industries and resourced to local LA companies per their directive. Many of the Hobrath designs and structures remain an integral part of the IPD brand today. For the 21 years Hobrath and IPD worked together we collaborated on over 450 projects and I feel successfully helped steer IPD into new markets, new products and a much more diverse customer base globally. IPD is known in the heavy duty engine market as a premier, quality and service and support orientated company and our materials over the years helped create that image. Norbert remains a friend to this day and I highly recommend his services to anyone whom desires to elevate their brand in their respective markets regardless of how daunting a task it might seem.

Bob Straw
Sr. VP of Sales and Service



I have prepared this letter of reference to review the various projects that we have worked on together for Hempel, and to provide my endorsement for your professionalism in helping us achieve our marketing goals. Hobrath Group has done an excellent job in helping establish branding for our new coating line – Versiline – through product literature and sample brochures, case study writing, and especially in shooting and producing training videos on the various methods that our industrial coating products can be applied in the field. These videos were most informative in explaining our approach, and saved me and our marketing team considerable time in educating and training our sales force worldwide in Hempel’s product line. Again, many thanks for your contributions in our marketing efforts.

James R. DeChant
Global Industrial Coatings & Linings Manager



The Quality Thread & Notions Company

I am proud to say that we worked with Hobrath Group for our most recent website design. About a year ago, our website was in serious need of updates and I didn’t know where to begin. It was such a relief to meet Norbert and have a discussion on who QTN was as a company, where we were then and where we wanted to be in regards to our online presence. It was very apparent that he truly cares about his customer’s wants/needs. Norbert is very knowledgeable about current website trends and is very helpful with recommending new ways to increase website traffic. I am very happy that Norbert convinced us to switch our website to a responsive-design format. Using Business Catalyst, we are now in control of our own website and are able to see specific stats of traffic every day. Without having a background in html, the thought of being involved with our website revisions was rather intimidating. Norbert always made me feel very comfortable with decisions that were made and was especially helpful with articulating things in a way that I could easily understand. When updates need to be made to our site, Norbert is always very timely with his responses. This is essential to ensuring that our information is always current. I would like to thank Hobrath Group for equipping us with a fantastic website upgrade and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Crystal Schiebel
Marketing Coordinator



State and Federal Communications

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for making yesterday’s European rollout a success. This was a long and involved project, and had to be choreographed to the minute. The rollout was flawless, the website has never looked better or worked faster.

Renold A. Koozer
Executive Director, State and Federal Communications



Day-Glo Color Corp.

Thank for you the hand delivery of the advance copies of the “Day-Glo Designers Guide.” You knew how important it was for us to have the piece in hand for the Print Show and went to extraordinary lengths to meet the deadline. This was a complex and demanding job that was executed brilliantly by all of your team. Special thanks to Helen for a truly world class design job. She has a fantastic talent and is always a pleasure to work with. Your pressmen were also responsible for a first rate technical execution of the job. My congratulations to everyone involved. Of the many fine jobs we have collaborated on in the past, this one stands out as a personal favorite. Again, sincere thanks from all at Day-Glo to the winning team at the Hobrath companies.

Peter H. Olley
Vice President Sales & Marketing




On behalf of ECKART America Corporation, may this letter serve as a testimonial to the exemplary work and more importantly, valued relationship we established during our time working together. Norbert and his Team are a joy to work with – they bring fresh ideas and perspective and have been a valued partner on those projects where in my tenure we utilized outsourced experts to help us better market our message and value proposition to the Graphic Arts community. On a personal note, Norbert and I continue to build on his previous direct relationship with ECKART and I would consider him a go-to person for any future needs I may have in his area of expertise. I encourage any firm looking for a hands-on, roll up your sleeves and get to know the culture of your organization and its goals marketing partner to strongly consider collaborating with Hobrath Group LLC.

Peter A. Brown
Head of Sales



Insurance Partners Agency, LLC

I have known Norbert since 1986, and have worked with him on marketing and brand-building projects for 30 years. He has an insightful way of listening to what we need, and presenting ideas, designs and good written communications to convey our messages and reinforce our image.

The first project Norbert managed for us was the development of a marketing newsletter that we sent to clients and prospects. We followed that project up with a totally revamped line of insurance services literature, marketing service mailers, writing bios of our key executives, create and content production of our company website, logo designs, corporate identity items, advertising in local and trade magazines, and writing press articles about our company.

Norbert and his company have been instrumental in the growth of our firm from one independent agency focused on providing specialty insurance services for business owners and professionals, to the current family of 17 merged independent agencies now under the Insurance Partners umbrella with offices throughout Ohio, and in Florida.

Our long-standing relationship continues to this day, with Hobrath Group providing their marketing expertise on our special marketing projects. I would recommend Norbert, his company, and team of vendors to work to with any company or organization that wants to move their marketing and image to the next level. He is very professional in his approach.

George S. Dadas
Chief Executive Officer



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